Orwells: Terrible Human Beings Album Review

Orwells: Terrible Human Beings Album Review
Imagine yourself with a southern comfort in hand as the person of your dreams gives you a strip tease. What would be the perfect soundtrack to this? After 4 long years, American five-piece, The Orwells have released their third album.

Any band can release one good album; a good band can release two good albums but, it takes a special kind of band to release three great albums. The Orwells have done just that.
They have drawn the best features out from their previous two albums, Disgraceland and Remember When and created the album of the year.

The album kicks off with ‘They Put A Body In The Bayou’, which was released as a single last year. The sensual almost eerie sound is combined with frontman, Mario Cuomo’s confident vocals that reflect a late Doors sound. ‘Vacation’ glides in soon after, which hears Cuomo finally mentioning something The Orwells never fail to project. Sex. “They’re on vacation, masturbating” he chants over the American-dream type riffs that will transport anyone to the height of Summer.

We then go into another pre-released track, ‘Black Francis’. As the name suggests it’s a Pixies-inspired number with a bassline ripped from Kim Deal‘s repertoire and some slight Frank Black hints sneaking through Cuomo’s vocals. We are soon thrown into 1 minute 25 seconds of pure chaos in ‘Buddy’. With all the instruments hitting you like an explosion, this song is what The Orwells are all about.

‘Heavy Head’ is the stand-out track on the album. The fiery guitar screeches in the background are combined with a bassline that hits you right in the gut and is an accurate embodiment of pure Orwells. ‘Last Call (Go Home)’ is a song that does exactly what it says on the tin. It embodies that ‘end of the night’ feeling by containing melancholic chords that reflect that guilty feeling when you realise the party is over and it’s time to go home. But surely you could stay for just one more drink?
That is exactly what ‘Double Feature’ is for. This album closer is a 7minute stretch of antique, Orwells sounds that perfectly sum up this album of the year.
Overall it is authentic, sensual and a huge turn on for the music industry. Perfect for listening to with a drink and cigarette in hand.

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