Circa Waves (+ The fin.) 1865 8.2.17

Circa Waves (+ The fin.) 1865 Live Review

If you have ever read a review of a Circa Waves gig, you would expect moshing, teenagers losing their sh*t and beer flying alongside sweaty bodies, that are also soaring at great heights.
With all that considered and with high expectations- I was not disappointed.

The fin. were the support band for the Wednesday night of wildness and are a 4-piece from Japan.
Music is more widely enjoyed when it requires little effort to listen too, when it has repetitive riffs and glides into the consumer’s ear with ease. In this sense,
The fin. required a bit more energy than ideal to take in. With their atmospheric songs, that were jam-packed with an incredible rhythm section, they projected hints of Acid House music and were the definition of moody disco.
Imagine if you took
The XX and Swim Deep and put them in a huge blender then added the tiniest dash of Phantogram; the outcome would be The fin.. With their tracks being ideal for the end of a party, when everyone is starting to crash and moods are starting to drown, The fin. would be the perfect music to accompany that psychedelic-craving atmosphere.
Circa Waves came on after and instantly went into new track ‘Wake Up’. The consistent ringing of the guitar in the opening bars (ironically) “woke up” the excited teens and foreshadowed the night of madness.
The Liverpool 4-piece were everything you would expect from an indie-by-numbers band. They had every characteristic your typical indie-rock band should possess: fast paced songs with a slow bridge giving you enough time to swoon over their quirky lead singer.
Circa Waves are really just a slightly less intense version of The Vaccines with a sprinkling of The Maccabees debut, Colour It In, polished over the top.
Enjoyable? Yes.
Individual? No.
But none the less, talented, brilliant and the guys were guilty of sending a contagious smile sprinting round the room. So, in that sense, I loved them.
They absolutely nailed the ratio of new songs compared to old throughout their set list. Whilst show-casing songs from their most recent album
, Fire That Burns, released earlier this year, Circa Waves also displayed a wide range of songs from their debut album that helped put their name on the indie map. They closed their set with old favourite, ‘T-Shirt Weather’ after they teased the crowd for a short-period of time by playing the opening notes repeatedly sending the crowd into an excited pit of madness.
Circa Waves were energetic from the get go. They maintained a high level of energy that matched that of the audience and played consistently with little pauses. They filled the night with quirky, dance hits and had the crowd moving from the front of the venue all the way to the back.
What more could you ask for on a Wednesday night?

Matt Bromage Photography


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