Band of the Moment: False Heads

Band of The Moment: False Heads
When Iggy Pop labels you as one of his favourite bands straight after the release of your first single, it could be enough to throw any band. But not for False Heads. This rocky, indie, grungy (multitude of genres) trio are causing quite the stir with some big names in the music industry. And I mean BIG names.
After being swiftly signed to Libertines’ drummer, Gary Powell’s record label 25 Hour Convenience Store, False Heads continued to shake things and quickly caught the attention of NME, Q and Kerrang, with Clash magazine saying, “Propulsive, energetic songwriting, those pastoral, deeply English melodies are matched against a raw sense of destruction. Check it out now”.
The London-ish based trio have released song ‘Twenty Nothing’ and video to accompany it. After my love for their first track, ‘Steal and Cheat’, it was a hard job for them to create another one I would enjoy as much. And they did.
Their original
Buzzcocks sound thrusts through with more scratchy vocals that (at times) come across angst riddled. Vocalist, Luke Griffiths then switches it back to an indie, rock ‘n’ roll style, taking the edge off and giving it a modern, British touch. A slight Sex Pistols attitude is also punching through with the unrehearsed guitar sound that accompanies the overall make-up of the band. Whilst having a predominant punk-rock sound, these boys still manage to thump in some Wombats-style riffs and beats that make songs such as ‘Steal and Cheat’ dance-bangers that are destined to drive any crowd wild.
The new EP, ‘Gutters Press’ is set to be released March 10th through 25 Hour Convenience Store. It is set to deliver “five tracks that capture False Heads perfect riot of energetic, leering bawdiness, and set a huge marker for a band whose remarkable rise is seemingly unstoppable”.
False Heads have also received raging reviews of all their live shows, so FORTUNATLEY, you can catch this lot on tour NOW.

Their riot riddled, angst driven sound is perfectly combined with the unlimited talent False Heads clearly have. Their ability to sound like the love-child of The Buzzcocks and The Ramones will magnetise any listener in and makes them one of the most interesting, new bands around.

23 Feb – MANCHESTER – Dive NQ
24 Feb – LEEDS – Milo Bar
25 Feb – SHEFFIELD – The Rocking Chair
11 Mar – LONDON – Nambucca
17 Mar – BRIGHTON – Bleach

Link to new track TWENTY NOTHING here:


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