The Skints (+The Ohmz) // The Joiners 27.01.17

The Skints (+The Ohmz) // The Joiners // Independent Venue Week
The Joiners put on the Independent Venue Week show of the year.
By hosting ska favourites,
The Skints, it was clear that the night was bound to be a success.
Isle of Wight 8-piece, The Ohmz, were the support for tonight and are a reggae/ska band that amazed the audience. By flowing through their set, with few stops, just filling it out with good music, it became apparent that they were the right choice to support The Skints. With some funky influences creeping through their primarily reggae beat, there were also minor jazz tones slinking through.
What a combination.
Their continuous wave of summer-ready tunes transported the audience to a world of sun, spliff and pleasure. With a tasty combination of genres, it was impossible not to have a dance.
The Skints came to the stage next and sent the packed-out crowd into a frenzy. All of those who have been fortunate enough to see The Skints before would probably agree with the statement that they are currently one of the best live acts in the U.K. They kicked off their set with ‘Rub-a-Dub’ and the skanking was instantly in full swing. Their gentle reggae layered over upbeat, ska beats were infectious and created a whirlpool of fun.
Throughout their set, they played a mix of early
Skints songs such as ‘Mindless’ from debut album, Live, Breathe, Build, Believe as their dedicated fans bobbed along to this antique, Skints tune.
They then bought us through a few more recent tunes such as ‘Friends & Business’ and ‘The Forest for the Trees’, sending the crowd into just as much of a skank-fest. A cover of ‘Ghost Town’ was even thrown that was (obviously) enjoyed by everyone.
With vocalist, Josh Waters Rudge acting as a MC throughout their set, Marcia Richards proved that she can literally play every instrument ever. However, drummer,
Jamie Kyriakides took over vocals frequently, proving that his relaxed style behind the drums is beautifully combined with his sweet singing voice that stands-out from the others. And finally, bassist, Jon Doyle is probably the coolest person you’ll ever see on stage. With a never-ending stoned dance that is accompanied by his perfectly kept beard, Doyle leaked cool from start to finish.
They ended their set with crowd pleasers ‘Up Against the Wall’ and ‘Culture Vulture’ that the audience saw as their final opportunity to go mental. Beer flew everywhere as the drunken dancing aided the perfect ending to a perfect set.


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