The Orwells (+Dead Pretties) The Dome 30.11.16

The Orwells (+Dead Pretties) // The Dome// Live Review

     It was sniffing teens and band members galore with everyone seeming to be in a world of their own; after not having The Orwells grace a U.K. stage for an uncomfortably, long period of time, it was no wonder that their show at The Dome in London was sold out and that the party had started early.
Dead Pretties were the only support for tonight and are a grunge-rock band from London. Their performance was unlike any I have seen before and their incredible ability to play their instruments wasn’t disturbed by how (evidently) fucked they were. It is hard to mention names of the songs they played as this mysterious trio haven’t actually got any songs online for fans to listen too however, they have a single coming out February time (but I wouldn’t expect a date as they seem the kind of guys to not even know themselves). Their dreary, grunge noises were combined with a drug-attitude yet, their performance was everything you could ever want.
Jacob Slater, vocalist, is every Dad’s worst nightmare but, has a sense of authority about him combined with a “don’t give a fuck” persona. A couple of their tracks contained slight
Libertines hints however, Dead Pretties still maintained a sense of individuality and a weightier bass line that help them hold onto their unique sound that could easily be confused as a soundtrack set to brainwash and lead anyone astray.
The Orwells were on shortly after and slid directly into ‘Dirty Sheets’. The opening bar had every gurning teenager let loose as they violently moshed to this sensual track- ah the irony.
Crowd surfers began to fall from every direction as the bouncers dragged them brutally away by multiple body parts (unnecessary, if you ask me) but the audience managed to instantly create the unbeatable energy that you are sure to find at any
Orwells gig. After playing other old favourites such as ‘In My Bed’ and ‘Blood Bubbles’, the American 5-piece treated fans to a massive bulk of their new album, ‘Terrible Human Beings’ set to be released early 2017. After releasing new single, ‘Buddy’ about a month prior to this gig, it was evident that it was a hit amongst fans. Everyone was shouting the words perfectly back to vocalist, Mario Cuomo, as it became obvious that this highly-awaited 3rd album is going to be MASSIVE. We were then treated to more new songs that sounded better than we ever could have expected. Whilst still maintaining that raunchy, vintage, Orwells sound, the new tracks contained more ripened attributes such as bulkier bass lines and tantalising riffs that were, quite frankly, unforgettable; it is as if the band have adventured deeper into perfecting their sound.
After teasing their 3rd album to the point of almost playing us the whole thing, it’s safe to say, ‘Terrible Human Beings’ is sounding better than ever. With a perfected sound, adventurous riffs and a more colourful insight to the world of The Orwells, let’s hope album 3 lives up to the reputation it’s starting to build itself...


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