The Front Bottoms +Apologies I Have None +Gnarwolves // 29.11.16

The Front Bottoms (+Apologies I Have None +Gnarwolves)  The 1865 // Live Review
     Tuesday night saw The 1865 surrounded by teenagers, queuing round the venue to see American, indie-rock band, The Front Bottoms at their sold out show. The first support band was London 4-piece, Apologies I Have None. Despite looking like they were on the hunt for a skate park yet, somehow ended up on stage, their punk-influenced, trashy tunes were incrusted with triumphant guitar riffs and confident vocals as they nailed their performance. Mid-way through their set saw fans signing along and even saw the security guard at the side of the stage bobbing along., confirming that this was a blinder of a line-up.
Gnarwolves were the second support and tore the venue to shreds. Whilst also looking as if they were on their way to the same skate park as Apologies I Have none, their twangy, fast-paced riffs saw the crowd go into a frenzy, with the mosh taking no prisoners; bodies were thrown over the barrier and fed to the security at an almost impossible pace, as their skater-chaos rumbled throughout the audience. Gnarwolves’ stand out track was ‘Chemicals’, taken from their new album. ‘Chemicals’ maintained their messy, chaotic backbone yet had a weightier bass line and an overall more established sound, creating an all-round excitement for their new material.
The Front Bottoms came on stage after into an aroma of sweat, anticipation, and excitement. They kicked off their set with ‘Skeleton’ and the energy in the room instantly became phenomenal. Their upbeat, indie tunes melted the hearts of every person in the room and the crowd surfing took a break as the fans watched on in endearment. Their teenage-relatable songs are easily comparable to The Wombats as they maintain a similar, loser-in-love vibe, over an up-beat melody that is present in every Wombats' song ever.
The Front Bottom’s stand out track was the disgustingly, heart breaking song, ‘Swimming Pool’. The poetic lyrics over the soothing guitar made it a true show stopper.
There's comfort in the bottom of a swimming pool, I'm holding my breath for you. There's no doubt in my mind that if you could then you would try to crack my ribcage open and pull my heart right through” was poetically sang over the loud chanting of the audience as this song bought a sense of love to the room despite its, let’s face it, depressing lyrics. The Front Bottoms have found a way of taking a depressing topic yet, transforming it into a beautiful piece of poetry over an uplifting strain, that you just can’t help but dance too.
     Their closing song was ‘Twelve Feet Deep’. This song was a perfect conclusion to their love-driven, pleasure-inducing tracks. ‘Twelve Feet Deep’ had everything you’d want from a Front Bottoms song; it was blessed with cheeky riffs; an adorable drum beat and gentle trumpet sounds floating in the background. Their attractive set gave off positive energy from the get go as The Front Bottoms are simply band you can’t help but fall in love with.


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