Bel Esprit +Arcade Hears +Posh Ellen +Cavaliers // Live review // 29.12.16

Bel Esprit (+Arcade Hearts +Posh Ellen +Cavaliers) // Joiners Live Review

Arcade Hearts are a Gosport-based 4-piece and were the first of 3 bands supporting Bel Esprit. With ‘Tried for Nothing’ being their stand-out track, they really were an exciting band to watch. Their alternative dance songs had the crowd captivated in their on-stage fun as bassist, Harrison Adams stole the show with his undeniable talent and laid-back attitude that was the perfect balance against the dancing coming from the other side of the stage. The rocky riffs layered over the chilled beats were a wake-up call to all and were a brilliant start to the night.
Posh Ellen were next on stage and were easily the highlight of the whole night. They kicked off their set with ‘Freak On’ and with hints of Royal Blood, Wolfmother and Kings of Leon shining through, their chaotic songs had the room fall instantly under their spell. ‘My Little Space’ was their stand out track of the evening; it contained riffs any band would kill to have written fighting their way alongside a guitar solo that owned the night. The energy emitted from Posh Ellen was unmatchable and the powerful, rock tracks these boys write will make them your new, favourite rock band.
Cavaliers were the final support for tonight and got the remaining people who hadn’t yet started dancing to join them in moving to their infectious, indie tracks. Their opening track, ‘Gannet’ screamed early Peace as the vocals by Ed Smith were almost identical to that of Harrison Koisser. Second track, ‘The Hill’ saw fans singing along and enjoying every moment of this upbeat, dance track as their loveable, indie riffs penetrated their way through the fast-paced drumming capturing that original Two Door Cinema Club sound.
Bel Esprit came on shortly after and blew the crowd away. The room packed out and the excitement became apparent as the Southampton based 4-piece took to the stage.
Their ability to write songs which capture the essence of the early grunge scene yet remain current and dance-y is what sets
Bel Esprit apart from others. With a combination of moody tracks that repel against their more upbeat and considerably funky songs, it shows the diversity Bel Esprit have achieved. Their set was full of intensity and drive which helped them in putting on such a memorable show; plus, the talent that falls from lead guitarist Fahad Siddiqui is beyond spectacular.
The local boys even smashed out an unexpected cover that was only rehearsed one night previous to the show which was a mash up of ‘Royals’ -
Lorde and ‘Creep’- Radiohead and it’s safe to say, it was magic. The surprising combination had the crowd participating in a full-blown sing along and created a nice break-up of the set. They closed the night with favoruite, ‘The Mad Ones’. The funky bassline met with the more chilled approach to the rest of the track truly captured the essence of their original sound.

Their strong riffs combined with their incredible talent that seems to come naturally to each member has aided Bel Esprit in creating a new sound that will undoubtedly take them far.
What more could you want from a band?


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