A Band to Watch: The Molochs

A Band to Watch: The Molochs

The Molochs are a brand-new band from L.A and have just premiered their new track, ‘You & Me’.
When you hear the word ‘Moloch’, it may possess connotations of sacrifice, misery, and loss in your mind.

When you hear, The Molochs, now that is a whole different story.

‘You & Me’ is the follow up to their debut single, ‘No More Cryin’’. Both these heart-warming songs will be released on, ‘America’s Velvet Glory’ released January 13th on Innovative Leisure.
This care-free track projects you into the height of summer and is a complete soul-warmer; it embodies young love and self-doubt at its best and portrays it through a smooth, unrestricted American sound, identical to their debut.

The Molochs take you on a journey of a young relationship following the self-doubt from vocalist, Lucas Fitzsimons. With an infectious Bob Dylan suggestion in his voice he sings,
When I see you around with another guy I wanna cry, but you always tell me you love only me and its never enough in my mind, you got wandering eyes”.

With Fitzsimons describing their sound as a “modern, contemporary version of everything that has come before us”, the Bob Dylan indication sits well amongst the vintage style they have perfected.
The heart grabbing and emotionally pulling lyrics direct you through Fitzsimons’ relationship uncertainty and make you fall head over heels in love.

“I guess you and me was written at a time where the subject was pretty specific,” he begins, “Over time, though, its meaning has become a little more all-encompassing. I think it can be interpreted in a lot of ways, depending on the listener's life”.

With a reserved social media presence, it is hard to fully understand
The Molochs. However, this factor contributes to the mystery of this exciting new band as their music alone speaks volumes.

The Molochs will be the soundtrack to your summer.


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