2016 Wasn't That Shit

2016 Wasn’t That Shit
The end of 2016 is finally here and for most people, that is a good thing.
2016 has been described as one of “the worst years ever” by over-dramatic family members on Facebook. Probably due to the shocking Brexit, the uprising of Trump,
Kanye just being Kanye and the loss of musical legends such as David Bowie and Prince.
However, 2016 has been one hell of a treat when it comes to the upcoming music scene and has seen some unrecognised bands fall deservedly into the palms of record labels (
The Sherlocks) and into the public eye (Cabbage). So, for the sake of upcoming music (and so I can finish my year with something to show) I have chosen my ‘Best Live Band’, ‘Best Album’ and ‘Band To Watch for 2017’.
So, sit back. Enjoy. And feel free to disagree with my choices- even though that would make you wrong.

I’m starting with my Album of the Year which will probably come as no shock to anyone. The Wytches – All Your Happy Life, released September, was a grunge treat to anyone lucky enough to have listened to it. With their debut being a magical concoction of weighted down material that was every grunge kids’ idea of heaven, it was difficult to write a follow up. But, The Wytches did it with ease (so it seems) and haven’t failed to maintain their original sound yet perfected it in a way I will never understand. Plus, the choice of introducing a new member this year has proved a massive success and All Your Life is an album that is enchanting from start to end.
To choose a Best Live Band this year was near on impossible.
I have had the pleasure of watching some of the best upcoming bands in the U.K. and picking just one has proved the most difficult task of all. However, a decision had to be made and
Asylums have just scraped it.
After seeing them twice this year, I can hand-on-heart say that I have never seen anyone like
Asylums. Combining their alternative style through not only their music, but their ‘dancing’ and stage presence, they are simply a band everyone must see. I can say with utter confidence that they will blow the minds of anyone lucky enough to watch them live and will put on one hell of a show.
However, I feel like my runners up should get a mention as well as it was really,
really close between the two. Broken Witt Rebels are a blues-rock band from Birmingham and to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when I was asked to review them. Blues-rock isn’t something I’ve ever enjoyed listening too. But, Broken Witt Rebels smashed any pre-expectations I had and blew me away with their astonishing riffs, that haven’t left my mind since, and a stage presence of a band that deserve to be in the spotlight.
So, I’ve created an extra ‘award’ for
Broken Witt Rebels: The Most Surprising Band of 2016 (In Addition, The Nicest Band EVER) Award. Congratulations Broken Witt Rebels.
Finally, The Band to Watch for 2017.
When seeing them live they screamed early
Libertines and projected a confidence and work-ethic that will take them far. Sisteray seem a force to be reckoned with and with guitarist, Dan Ó Conghalaigh having the stage presence of an early Pete Doherty, 2017 will be the year of Sisteray.
Expect big things.
So, 2016 hasn’t really been that shit; people are just too caught up in focusing on the negatives that have happened as opposed to the thriving music scene. Yes, these legends have passed away and as sad as it is, it’s making space for the new bands to flourish.
Here’s to 2017, and may the upcoming music scene continue to thrive, blow us away and distract from any other nonsense or tragedies that are bound to commence.


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