This Wild Life + The Lion and the Wolf // Joiners Live Review // 12.11.16

This Wild Life (+The Lion and the Wolf) // Joiners Live Review // 12.11.16
              With a total of 25 tickets remaining on the door, Saturday night saw the Joiners close to being sold out. Support act, The Lion and the Wolf, consists of Tom George, a 30-something guitarist from Isle of Wight who sings about death, pain and misery.
Happy Saturday to me.
With that being said, he still managed to bring a breath of fresh air to the Joiners making him actually more enjoyable than the headliners. Sorry.
                 ‘Colour’ was a sweet track incrusted with Tom’s gentle vocals over his poetical guitar riffs. His other tracks contained light dustings of folk-sounding sprinkles and with very slight hints of Frank Turner (but then again, any bloke with a guitar is inevitably compared to Frank Turner) yet the most spot-on comparison I can make is to Badly Drawn Boy. “This is the saddest party you’ve probably ever been too” he stated as he continued to sing about death. I agreed however, his soul-touching songs that were sung with such passion made it the most enjoyable “saddest party” that I’ve ever had the pleasure of being invited too.
                This Wild Life were tonight’s headliners and despite the crowd loving them, I just didn’t quite get “it”.
                They started their set with ‘Pull Me Out’ and the basic guitar playing over the (admittedly) impressive vocals from lead vocalist, Kevin Jordan, made for a slow start leaving me hoping that the set would pick up. One thought that lingered with me throughout the whole of their set, was the fact they both looked that they wanted to venture into a heavier performance. They had the ability to explore maybe some weightier material and looked as if that was a direction they would enjoy touching upon.
                ‘Brick Wall’ was their stand out track where the vocals had light dustings of pop-punk influences before the vocal range extended showing off the boys’ ability. Each track was enjoyed by everyone in the room as it seems This Wild Life have gathered a rather large following – so I’m not sure why I didn’t get them. What am I missing? There’s clearly something special about them that has aided their growing popularity however, I am still yet to discover what that special factor is.                
Overall, the set maybe just wasn’t my cup of tea yet, it was enjoyed by all fans in the room as was made apparent by the overall vibe given off. However, The Lion and the Wolf has gained a new fan from that night but I unfortunately don’t have any intention of listening to This Wild Life again.


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