'The Rising' give us a taster of highly anticipated second albm

'The Rising' give us a taster of highly anticipated second album
                The Rising are a 7-piece Rock ‘n’ Roll band from Southampton and really are rising at a remarkable pace. With new double A-side being released November 4th, featuring 2 tracks taken from their second album (to be released 2017), I was fortunate enough to get an early listen.
              ‘Olympus’, is what I can only describe as a vintage-sounding track. With a beautiful combination of a 60’s style melody with light splashes of 90’s Brit-Pop being splattered over the top; this song really does have a unique twang to it that makes it stand out. This feel-good track has the perfect combination of different eras and the opening resembles that of Hotel California by Eagles. The beautiful harmonies and gut-grabbing key changes are stunning and to be honest, if you’re not persuaded to listen to it already- I don’t know what else I can say. It is 5 minutes and 59 seconds of smooth, rock ‘n’ roll bliss and is an easy listening track that will be enjoyed by many.
                The second song, ‘I want you’, is a much more hectic track, opening with a heavy drum beat and is bombarded with a true rock-style guitar before being combined with an 80’s-style melody. It’s fair to say, The Rising are a fan of mixing eras within their tracks and don’t stick to just one time-period when considering their influences. With more chaos being included in this song and the lyrics being slightly raunchier, “’coz I want you, and I need you, just wanna touch you, just wanna feel you” it’s fair to say The Rising aren’t afraid to experiment with all genres and styles. With that in mind, I cannot wait to hear their second album next year.
                With these two samples being our only taster of what’s to come and them being so different from each other, I am intrigued to hear album 2. The Rising are a unique sounding band and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for them.


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