Asylums- Easily The Coolest Band of 2016

Asylums – Easily The Coolest Band of 2016

                Asylums are a bunch of nerd-look-a-likes who appear as if they have quit school, ditched their straight A’s, joined a band and decided to become antagonists of the music industry.
However, they are e
asily, hands down, the coolest band I’ve EVER seen.
Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound possible but, just bear with me.

                As a music journalist and someone who’s constantly involved around new, upcoming music, I receive music suggestions off my friends and family A LOT (cheers guys). However, it’s very rare that I’m recommended a band that really make a permanent stamp on me.
Asylums have done just that.
              After my friend supported them with his band Freak and insisted I listen to them after, I genuinely believe I have listened to them every day since. With the music industry being filled with too many similar sounding artists and heritage bands seeming to be stealing all lime-lights at festivals, it is making it much harder for up-coming bands to make a name for themselves- let alone a living. However, if there is one band I could recommend to anyone, it would be these 4, quirky guys from Southend-on-Sea. Their self-funded, DIY album, ‘Killer Brainwaves’, is a force to be reckoned with. With slaughtering riffs combined with a drum beat that is enough to cause chaos anywhere in the world, they have won my album of the year award (prize is my eternal devotion to them and continued support- no trophy, sorry).
              The vintage, fuzzy, head-banging, anarchy created by these 4 guys is the type of music I’ve been waiting for my whole life. They’ve managed to brutally hit a spot that other bands just haven’t reached and succeeded too whilst working 8 jobs between them to fund their musical passion. With track, ‘A Joy In A Small Wage’ screaming to me as being a middle finger to the older generation’s opinion on the young, For now there’s joy in a small wage, they’ll never have what we have”, it’s safe to say, Asylums are here to make a statement as well as blessing us with a perfected racket.
                When sat in my campsite at Beautiful Days festival (August 2016) having a casual flick through the line-up, it suddenly occurred to me that Asylums were playing that day (clashing with headliners The Selecter). After persuading my sister to ditch The Selecter and join me in giving Asylums a go, we made our way down to check them out- and we were far from disappointed. With energy like no other band I’ve ever seen and Jazz (great name) Miell on guitar busting out moves that no one in the world, bar him, will ever be able to master, it made for a gig that I will remember forever. One song is even introduced by vocalist, Luke Branch, as “this song is about wanking” before they go into track ‘Wet Dream Fanzine’ that will always be a personal favourite of mine.
Their live shows are filled with jumps, wide-eyes, lifted t-shirts and individual moves that just simply can’t be replicated; basically, their live shows are an unforgettable, lethal force that will stick in your memory forever.
I know it sounds like I’m exaggerating, but I’m really not.

                Asylums are a band I’ve been waiting for my whole life and they quickly stumbled their way into my list of favourites. Everything about them works, their sound, their looks and most importantly- their stage presence.
They are hands down the coolest band to come out of 2016 and I can’t recommend them enough.


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