Stop Tweeting about Palma Violets' Split You Idiots

Stop Tweeting about Palma Violets’ Split You Idiots
                With fans going crazy at the latest rumour, yes RUMOUR, that Palma Violets have split- we need to question how much social media presence impacts a band and their career.                 Yes, Palma Violets haven’t released anything since ‘Last Christmas On Planet Earth’ (Dec 1st 2015). However, their debut album ‘180’, came out early 2013 prior to the Lambeth 4-piece keeping us waiting 2 years before we were treated to album ‘Danger in the Club’ (with no fillers or singles to ease the impatience that fans were expressing).
So why is there such an issue with them repeating this process?

                If you didn’t know already, Palma Violets are a relatively cool band that clearly don’t have a lot of time for social media i.e. Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. However, just because a band aren’t tweeting about ‘being in the studio’ or posting selfies of them with a guitar reassuring fans that they are still alive, it does NOT mean they have broken up.
                Yes, I could be completely wrong and they could all hate each other and be living completely different lives now however, as I’m sure ALL fans who have been fortunate enough to see them live will agree with me, the boys look like great friends as opposed to just another band. They also have a lot of time for their ever-growing fan base and would not keep such a devastating secret from them.
                Palma Violets work hard at their music and even harder at their live shows and despite my slight disappointment with a couple tracks on their most recent album, they always release music that make their fans happy.
So why would they be wasting time tweeting and posting on social media as opposed to working on something for their enthusiastic fans?
Yes, again, I could be completely wrong and could look like a dick for posting this however, I don’t think I am. NME shouldn’t be posting about
Palma Violets breaking up as it’s just shit-stirring amongst fans who already are stirring the shit enough by tweeting about a non-existent split.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, stop wasting your time tweeting about it and enjoy the bumpy, impatient ride between ‘Danger in the Club’ and whatever magical concoction
Palma Violets are working on for us next.


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