Ellamentl 'Note To Self' // EP Review

Ellamentl EP Review
                With Ellamentl being the best psychedelic, funk-hop band not only from Alton but from, well, anywhere, it comes as no surprise at how brilliant their new EP, ‘Note to Self’, is. This Alton born and bred 6-piece are smashing their way into the funk music scene by putting their own twist on the way things are done. By combining hip-hop, soul, funk and psychedelic sounds within each of their songs, this band really do have something that others don’t. With a large fan base, full of dedicated comrades, already following them and supporting them at their wicked live shows, it will come as a huge surprise if this band don’t make a large name for themselves.
                Their EP, ‘Note to Self’ has been highly anticipated by not only myself, but by many, and it will be boldly blowing our ear drums on Nov 4th. With each track being roughly 5 minutes of full-frontal skank hits, it’s one that will be enjoyed by everyone- whether this music is your “thing” or not. The opening track is called ‘Warpaint’ and is a perfect taster of what’s to follow throughout this EP. With an inevitable funky bass-line dominating the track from the beginning and it being crashed around by a rocky riff, it’s a song that is guaranteed to have everyone bobbing along in excitement of the journey this EP is going to drag you through.
                Track 2 is ‘Time Bomb’ and my favourite song on the EP. It opens again with full-frontal funk and the aggressively spat rap vocals from Mike Curran beautifully contradicts the reassurance of the soul-filled vocals from James Crawford. There’s even a slight hint of a Jazz sound in this track (as if this band weren’t satisfied with the 100s of genres they had already managed to combine-they wanted to show off just that one bit more!). The teasing hints of funk towards the end slither through the catchy beat making this track a definite crowd-pleaser.
                ‘Something in the Water’ is next and the soothing vibe of this song is a well-needed break up of this fast-paced EP.
It gives you time for a breather between tracks.
Or a fag.
Up to you.
The psychedelic opening is soothing and has a soft melody that’s nothing but gratifying to listen too. The overlapping of Crawford’s calming vocals as Curran’s rap is still present but in a much less antagonistic way, makes this track stand out in comparison to the others. After 4 minutes and 47 seconds of feeling a lot less like you’ve been destroyed inside and out by funk, it’s time to dive head first back into the funk that we have been enjoying so much. The groove in finale track, ‘Note to Self’ starts off soft, easing us back into
Ellamentl’s unique style before Curran jumps back in again rapping us through a rhythmic section that is impossible not to dance too. For anyone that has been fortunate to see these boys live will know this one is a crowd pleaser. With lyrics that you can pick up after 2 minutes of being treated to this song, its one that’s guaranteed to have the whole place boogying. It is a perfect combination of funk, rap and soul and the proportions are spot on, with none of those genres being too weighty or present in this song or the EP.
                ‘Note to Self’ is an EP that is guaranteed to get you up and dancing; it will also instantly lighten your mood. The brilliant combination of many genres is not only breath-takingly impressive however, it’s also a sound that’s new to me. It’s something different. I can guarantee it will be something you’ve never heard before and in the music industry today, that is rare. With the EP matching the talent that’s present in every one of their live shows, it’s will come as a huge shock if these boys don’t make a large, funk shaped dent in the music industry.


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