'Buddy' - The Orwells // Single Review

‘Buddy’ – The Orwells // Single Review

            America, take a break from all the panic of the fast approaching election and rejoice in the fact that THE ORWELLS ARE BACK!
            After making us wait 3 years for any sort of hint of their new LP (due to be released early 2017), the American 5-piece have finally given us a well-earned hint of what’s to come. The song is 1 minute and 26 seconds of pure punk and the fast paced, gut-touching opening does nothing other than get you excited for the rest of the song and of course, the album that’s to follow.
            The sound The Orwells have blessed us with in new single, ‘Buddy’ is not too far from the sound that originated from their second album ‘Disgraceland’ and what a relief that is! With the hard job of creating an album that is better than ‘Disgraceland’ and debut, ‘Remember When’, it’s clear that The Orwells are heading in the right direction. The dirty bass lines combined with the raunchy vocals from front man, Mario Cuomo, is quite possibly the sexiest combination that could ever be made from any band. With lyrics such as
I got a pint in my hand and words to make you stay, a pocket full of rubber and my hand on your face” it’s clear that The Orwells are maintaining their self-proclaimed “real raunchy ‘n’ shit” mannerisms when it comes to their sound and lyrics.
            The band clearly tried to give heart-attacks to fans everywhere by not only releasing ‘Buddy’ in preparation for their new album, but by also announcing UK tour dates (with even more to be added). After it being 3 long years since their album, ‘Disgraceland’, ‘Buddy’ was worth the wait. The filthy riffs, perfect drum beats and raunchy vocals only get me excited for what’s to come in their fast approaching album.
If there’s any band that’s worth the wait, it’s this lot.



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