Beach Baby +Glaciers +XOCKHA // Joiners Live Review // 7.10.16

Beach Baby (+Glaciers +XOCKHA) The Joiners // Live review 7.10.16

            With a young, glittery-faced, crowd packing out The Joiners from the second doors opened, the Oasis dominated pre-set played as the drinks started flowing.
            Glaciers were the first band of the night and the Portsmouth quartet opened their set with a brilliant song that is yet to be given a name. The enthralling drum beat was layered with a funky bass line and a psych-trance style introduction. The fairy-like vocals from Brad Dorey were combined with his ability to play synth and guitar throughout the whole song making him a delight to watch.
            Their stand out track was ‘Rubescent’ and their fruity guitar noises conquered the song that displayed a resemblance to Peace back in their debut days in 2013. “Open up the flood gates, the flood gates” glided around the room from vocalist, Brad Dorey, in his (almost) pop-punk style voice as Billy Higgs, lead guitar, possessed a Pink Floyd sound that he projected onto fans in the room. The combination of genres and style that Glaciers possessed made them an interesting band to watch and an excellent support band for Beach Baby.
            XOCKHA were next and it was obvious this Isle of Wight quarter bought a LOT of friends with them. Before I continue though, I need to make this clear; if you stage invade during a band’s set, which I don’t mind, KEEP YOUR PHONE IN YOUR POCKET! They opened their set with, ‘Hollow’ and the contagious dancing took over the whole crowd and this upbeat, indie number had their fans singing along. The sparkly vocals from Benjamin Jones were coated by the gentle drum beat fashioned by James Pinfield-Wells, as the crowd felt it necessary to throw their beer cans around the room. After a major technical difficulty, with no fillers from the band, they finally got back into the swing of their set. They closed with ‘Breaking Away’ and the lively intro had a fan-girl mosh explode on one side of the room. This track had hints of Foals emerge through their indie riffs and the bass playing ability from Ellis Durand was epic to the point that it was impossible to take your eyes off him.
             Beach Baby were next and once I managed to weave my way around a couple who found it more interesting to chew off each other’s faces, I had a great view of this highly anticipated band and the crowd. They kicked off their set with ‘Sleeperhead’ and the fast-paced intro sent the audience into a frenzy. Their individual indie-pop style, mixed with a slight 90’s brit-pop sound triggered from their quirky harmonies, were the ingredients to creating a perfect start to their set. They continued into ‘Lost Soul’ and the distorted, funky opening with the 90’s-esque beat sent the crowd even crazier (if possible). They blasted through their set playing lots of favourites from album, ‘No Mind No Money’ such as ‘UR’, ‘Hot Weather’ and ‘Bug Eyed and Blonde’ however, their stand out track was “Smoke Won’t Get Me High’. The enchanting, lullaby introduction triggered a remarkable response from the audience. They poured their soul out through the medium of singing back to the band and felt it necessary to give each member of Beach Baby a pair of sunglasses (that they were more than happy to model on stage).
           Beach Baby closed their set with crowd-pleaser, ‘Limousine’. In a world where the upcoming-indie scene seems to be dominated by shimmering, guitar bands, it’s no surprise how well this song is received. This DIIV sounding track had the whole room bouncing and adolescents clawing their way to the front, knocking drinks all over the stage. The distinguished talent from drummer, Shep, was remarkable and this light-hearted, surf-rock song bought the whole room on a ride in a “limousine” alongside the band that bought them all together. Beach Baby were adored by every glittery-faced, fangirl in that room and despite the distracting couples enjoying each other’s faces too much, Beach Baby were brilliant. Their catchy riffs, 90s style harmonies and love-inducing songs were the perfect entertainment for a Friday night.

Beach Baby are a band I am proud to tick off my bucket list and happily say that I have seen.


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