All Tvvins + UHURA + Temples Of Youth // Joiners Live Review // 17.10.16

All Tvvins (+UHURU +Temples of Youth) // Joiners Live Review
            The Joiners packed out early for the two fascinating support bands before the almighty headliners, All Tvvins, took to the stage.
            UHURU were first up and this enthralling electric duo had the crowd captivated from the first note in their opening track, ‘Don’t Know How’. The shaky synth blended with a soft rock vibe made for an odd performance that was unlike no other I have seen before. A grouping of pop-style vocals, combined with talented layers of jungle style beats from both Connor Daniel and Rob Jones, made for an intriguing process to watch unfold on stage. Their stand out track was ‘Suffocate’ and was featured on BBC Introducing. This recognisable dance track had the audience head bobbing and enjoying every shaky, rickety, dance noise this duo projected.
            Temples of Youth were next on stage and their opening track, ‘Plateau’ was an intense, emotional breath of fresh air to break up the night. The authoritative vocals by Jo was complimented by the backing vocals from Paul as the powerful drum beat maintained the steady pace of the performance. Their track ‘Churches’, that can be found on their sound cloud, had an energetic contrast between the dominant vocals and the chillingly soft guitar.
            Headliners, All Tvvins, were next up and the room became packed with people of all ages ready to start dancing to this Dublin duo. They opened their set with track, ‘Book’. The opening was a tense build-up of funky guitar sounds from guitarist, Lar Kaye, and charming vocals from bassist, Conor Adams, over an upbeat dance, drum beat. Their stand out track, that was agreed by everyone I spoke too after, was ‘Too Young To Live’. In this song, it became clear that Lar Kaye was born to play guitar. His non-human ability to make such impeccable noises on his guitar yet still manage to dictate the room’s eyes to focus entirely on him, made for one of the best live performances I’ve seen and one I will continue to tell people about for years. After this song, one audience member even shouted “that fucking guitarists” before Conor Adams’ replied “he’s alright isn’t he?”. They closed their set with ‘Unbelievable’ and the sparkling guitar riffs were met with the incredible vocals and bass line from Adams as the crowd used this as an excuse to have one last lively dance before the set sadly came to an end.
            All Tvvins are a band that are much more magical to watch live, as opposed to recorded, due to the combination of all their musical elements being appreciated much more visually. In addition, the energy that is bought by each of the boys is beyond impressive. Their liveliness and musical ability was brilliant to watch and a band I would happily go and see again.


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