EP Review

            Conspiracy are currently a 3-piece band smashing their way into the music industry all the way from Bournemouth. They consist of Rico Ellison (vocals), Luca Ellison (lead guitar) and Ethan Singleton (bass) however, they also had Matt Gibbons (drums) for the recording of their incredible EP, that is set to blow your ear drums to pieces on 25th Sept.
            The EP starts off with song “Cave” and the Jamie T style vocals at the beginning are layered by the ghostly sounds that are a perfect insight into what’s to expect from this outstanding EP. With their ages ranging from 18-20, the maturity that flows through this track is remarkable. With lyrics such as “
dealing with change, too many problems and no one to blame, it’s like, we fake our through ’cause nothing we know is true”, it’s blatant that this band are here to project their views on the current state of the world through the rage in their lyrics, and the aggression in their music. The mixture of all these aspects together has given them a strong Limp Bizkit sound in this particular track, with Limp Bizkit being a very obvious (and brilliant choice) of inspiration. The outro contains Rico repeatedly yelling “it’s like everywhere I go, man this shit outta control” which makes for an extremely catchy conclusion to this dictation of a song. The song then finally ends on Rico shouting “Fuck!” as if we weren’t already aware of their rage.
            The second track is by far my favourite. “LA Day Dream” is a song in which the intro clasps an engaging likeness to “Fat Lip” Sum 41, and is a song that is bound to be a crowd pleaser at any gig they play. With the lyrics being, “everything I see is a lie, everything I feel is a lie and everything I dream is a lie and everything I have is a…” there is then a short burst of subtle guitar playing before they kick down any barriers between them and the listener by repetitively preaching, “from the front to the back, from the front to the back, wave your hands”.

This song is one that will bring together all the rage filled people I know.

It’s definitely one to be enjoyed by Rage Against The Machine fans anywhere with Conspiracy’s vocalist containing extravagant hints of
Zack De la Rocha in his own voice, particularly in this song. The preaching they showcase through their fury fueled and temper driven music, is a force to be reckoned with and this track is sure to be absolutely incredible live.
            The final track on this EP is the destructive, “Hate This Place”. With it kicking off with a regimented drum beat before being interrupted by the chilling guitar, it’s obvious that Conspiracy are going to end their EP with a loud bang. The unsettling vibe from the intro is an interesting direction for the band to take and makes me especially excited for what we can expect from them in the, hopefully not-so-far, future. The consistent rock riffs sound similar to Metallica rackets that make me think Metallica could be another influence behind the commotion created by Conspiracy. The track ends with one hell of a racket including Rico shouting “and I don’t like anybody, and I don’t need anything, man I hate this place (X4)” before we are treated to another loud, clear and straight to the point “Fuck!” as the song comes to its abrupt end, leaving the listener on the edge of their seat waiting for more. “Hate This Place” is a perfect end to a perfect EP and is a full showcase of their breath taking talents.
            This young band shine through in the sense of their ability and maturity plus, their EP is definitely one to be excited about. The anger-fueled and temper-induced tracks are all 3 minutes of absolute rage bliss and will be adored by head-bangers everywhere.

I highly recommend.

EP out Sept 25th 2016.


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