Bay Rays // Joiners Live Review (+Rise Before Fallen + Alibis)

Bay Rays // Joiners 21/09/16
 (+Rise Before Fallen + Alibis)

              The Joiners was made up of a nice variety of people for Bay Rays last night. With an intriguing mixture of old, young, punks, indies, the well-dressed *ehem* (me) and one seriously stoned guy who did nothing but stand there in awe at each band, it was a gentle vibe to begin with. However, Rise Before Fallen kicked off the night with their alternative punk rhythms and soon encouraged people to come in and watch their set. From listening to this band, it was clear that their musical influences include Green Day and Nirvana and their stand out track last night was definitely Rain. The surfer-style opening had a catchy beat that slightly resembled that of Bad Kids by Black Lips. “I wish that she was mine” was wailed by Matt (vocalist) over the steady drum beat as his Green Day-esque guitar playing echoed throughout the room.
            Their 4th track, Dying for the Old had a small hint of Nirvana’s Smells like Teen Spirit predominantly in the opening, amongst their other (obvious) musical influences. Bassist, James, stood out throughout the rest of the set however, with his bass playing ability becoming more and more admiring to watch as they kicked their way through each song.
            However, with a sound that contains hints of Green Day, Nirvana and Blink 182, it’s a shame Rise Before Fallen didn’t live up to the persona these influential bands are so famous for. With Rise Before Fallen’s musical ability and their catchy riffs, they really have the capacity now to explore their stage presence and work on things such as crowd interaction. With that next box ticked, I feel this band could start making a stubborn dent in the music industry.
          Alibis were the next support act and are a duo from South East London. Before going to the gig last night, I had listened to Alibis and if I’m completely honest, didn’t exactly think of them as ‘my cup of tea’.

But hey, some people like coffee.

When Richie and Harvey both came on stage the audience became their prisoners. Each listener was captivated by the enchanting vocals by Richie over the Johhny Marr style guitar from the innocently attractive guitarist, Harvey.
            They kicked off their (not long enough) set with “Everything But Mine”. The opening chords floated around the room, fascinating the audience, as Richie’s reassuring voice guided us through the song. The beautiful harmonies that this duo managed to create were simply breath taking. They allowed us to glide through the set list with them, accompanied by the beyond-attractive sounds they were creating as they fell softly into their next song “Therapy” from their EP, also titled, “Therapy”. The passionate guitar playing from both members and the entrancing harmonies had the crowd mesmerised within seconds.
            They ended their set with new single “Cruel World” that’s out Sept 23rd. The faster tempo got the crowd excited instantly. With very slight hints of RHCP sounds accompanied by better-than-Ben Howard vocals, the outcome was purely magical. The sounds this breath taking duo created last night exceeded ALL expectations I had and I highly recommend this EP as one to be played when you bring a partner home- nice one lads.
            The venue packed out a bit more for tonight’s headliners and the anticipation from a few keen fans was phenomenal. The band strutted on stage with confidence radiating from their lead singer, Harry Nicoll, who resembled Justin Young (Vaccines) through his stage presence. Their second track, “Mediocre Karaoke” had a catchy introduction and resembled slightly that of The Knack, “My Sharona”.  The energetic beat and the explosive sound was phenomenal due to them only being a 3 piece. Their energy and consistency couldn’t be faulted and they initiated an instant indie explosion over every audience member in that room.
            Their fast paced, garage-rock single “New Home” was next and their punky, fun riffs were nothing but enjoyable to watch. The attractive combination of the fast drum beat and the confident change of pitch in the vocals made Bay Rays more and more exhilarating to watch by the second. However, Anthus Davis (bassist) stood out for me throughout the whole set. He
oozed cool from every pour and is hands down the most endearing musician I have watched in a very long time. His passion for each song and incredible rhythm just rolled from his body as he made each track just that even more thrilling to watch.
            Their dominating drum beats, Ok Go sounding riffs and mesmerising vocals combined together made for a band that undoubtedly are going to groove their way up the musical ladder and make a great big indie stamp on the music industry.


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