Anteros // Joiners Live Review (+Nakamarra)

Anteros // Joiners 27/09/16

              After listening to Nakamarra’s single ‘Porcupine’, I felt that I would really enjoy seeing this 5-piece from the Isle of Wight during their first performance in the UK. However, their live performance was completely different to what I expected. Musically speaking, Nakamarra were tight and their enjoyable bass lines were met by the occasional funky, psychedelic guitar sounds however, they sounded like a completely different band in comparison to their recorded single. Although I enjoy listening to their recorded music more, Nakamarra still managed to engage the audience with their powerful Beth Ditto sounding vocals and the complexity of some of their mind-expanding guitar echoes. The memorable track from their set was definitely their single, ‘Porcupine’. The gentle vibes this song projected were contaminated with an impressive vocal range and a soft bass line that carried them slowly through this stand-out song. Nakamarra also seemed to have brought a large fan base along with them (i.e the whole of the Isle of Wight). With the majority of the members of the audience quietly singing along and a fair few of them recording and taking photos, it was evident this band have the support from a lot of people back home. The energy from their vocalist and drummer were hard to not be impressed by and I look forward to hearing their new releases later this year.
            The crowd padded out a little more as the next band took to the stage. Anteros are a 4 piece from London and it’s clear that lead singer, Laura Hayden, has been raised under the influence of Blondie and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, through it being noticeably reflected in her stage presence and originality of her performance. They kicked off their set with track “Better Luck” and the energetic beginning had the crowd showing signs of movement from the get-go. Some brilliant, ghost-like harmonies were introduced throughout this song from bassist, Josh Rummble, and guitarist, Charles Monneraud, giving the audience a brilliant insight to what a treat they were in for.
            They continued their set with track ‘Breakfast,’ as Laura took a large swig from her glitter- covered, champagne bottle. The crowd moved remarkably closer during the stage for this number closing the gap between them and the action. The insane drumming skills from Harry Balazs had the crowd astonished; his passion and talent combined were the key ingredient to making this a breath-taking performance to watch. Laura Hayden’s angel-like vocals were matched with the incredible harmonies leaving each member oozing cool, as if they were born to be on that stage. The 80’s style drum beat resembled that of Skaters, ‘I Wanna Dance’ and their overall indie-pop vibe was enjoyed by every member in the audience.
            Their 3rd track was ‘Fade to Grey’, which is a song that can be found on their E.P. The groovy bass line was met with passionate guitar playing that was just picturesque to watch. ‘Fade to Grey’ released a vulnerability from the band that was interesting to observe and the gentle vocals matched with the (again) impressive drumming, made for a perfect performance that had the crowd watching in endearment.
            They closed their set with debut single, ‘Anteros’. This fresh sounding song was an ultimate crowd favourite. With the band proclaiming they were “overwhelmed” by having audience members knowing the lyrics to their songs for the first-time, this 80’s style, enigmatic song sent this band into full performance mode, which was the key ingredient to fulfilling the astonishing end to their show (and overall tour).
           It was blatant that each member loved what they are doing; all 5 of them looked at home on that stage. Their catchy, indie tunes were a pleasure to watch and I urge anyone to catch this band if they get a chance. With vocalist, Laura, having the confidence of someone who’s been a performer all her life and her impeccable band managing to match that stage presence, it is obvious that this band will make it far in the industry- with a sparkly champagne bottle in hand.


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