"Make America Rage Again" Prophets of Rage

“Make America Rage Again”
Prophets of Rage
             With the fast-approaching American election just an arm’s reach away (November 8th), the timing of Prophets of Rage couldn’t be any more perfect. With the combination of Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill, it’s no wonder this politically-charged bands motto is to “Make America Rage Again”. The self-proclaimed “elite task force of revolutionary musicians” are made up of Tim Commerford (RATM), Tom Morello (RATM), Brad Wilk (RATM), Chuck D (Public Enemy) DJ Lord (Public Enemy) and B-Real (Cypress Hill) and are a group with the aim to infuriate America during the current, political bullshit.
           After being together for not even a year, it comes as no surprise the success of, and the stir, this band are creating. Let’s be honest, none of them are strangers to activism and protest. Their “unfiltered” and “alternative” voices being shouted through America are just what the country so desperately needs.
            But the members of this band have put incredible thought into the timing of their revolutionary releases accompanying America’s chaotic, political year that is currently in full swing. They dropped their single, ‘Prophets of Rage’, just before the 2016 Republican National Convention, and with political inspired lyrics such as, “
We have a reason why,
To debate the hate, That's why we're born to die, Mandela, cell dweller, Thatcher, You can tell her clear the way for the prophets of rage, (Power of the people you say)”, it’s clear that their aim really is to make America rage again.
            When performing live, the band cover Rage Against the Machine, Cypress Hill and Public Enemy hits which are, obviously, well received by any crowd. The band made their debut TV performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week and played the RATM crowd pleaser, ‘Killing in the Name Of’ as the crowd moshed heavily away on live TV. They have also “rage-ified” Cypress Hill songs and we will be hearing more of them soon, no doubt. They are also promised by the guys to “create a frenzy that really befuddles the average person on the behaviour politics of the United States of America. Not the politics of behaviour, but the behaviour of politics”.
--- A link to watch them perform ‘Killing in the Name’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7KGJUbsfiU (and I recommend everyone watches this) ---
            But the question probably on everyone’s mind would be, are they doing these songs justice without Zack de la Rocha (RATM lead vocalist) and are they as energy and rage filled as they were back in 1991 when ‘Killing in the Name Of’ was released?
Yes they are.
Age and missing members haven’t stopped the rap and rock superstars making their political footprint and starting a revolutionary wave of rage throughout America and nothing seems to be slowing them down as activists who are fuelling the American public with fury once again.
            As a 19 year old, British girl my knowledge on American politics was unfortunately, almost near to nothing. However, after hearing about Prophets of Rage and the experiencing the excitement of 3 bands that I grew up listening to creating, what I would describe as, the world’s best super group, I have learnt a lot more about American politics than I ever would; which is part of what I believe Prophets of Rage is all about.
            The timing of Prophets of Rage is perfect and just what America need as they make one of the biggest decisions they’ll ever have to make. The concept of the band is to make America rage once again and they can only hope that they infuriate enough of the public to make a larger impact on the rest of the country. But if they keep going the way they are, I think their political footprint will be large enough to get the results they hope for.


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