The Strokes are Back!

The Strokes are back!
          After waiting over 2 years since the release of The Strokes’ last album, ‘Comedown Machine’ and 15 years since their debut album, ‘Is This It?’, we finally got a hint of new Strokes material last night.
        There were large projections on New York and London buildings last night of The Strokes’ logo, exciting their fans all round the world. Cult Record’s website had also been updated so it features The Strokes’ logo along with the hashtag “#FuturePresentPast”. As if all of this wasn’t enough excitement in one day though, we were also promised “the world premiere of brand new music from The Strokes” today.
           And boy is that what we got.

            At 3pm today we received the news from Julian Casablancas (lead vocalist) himself, on his radio show, that The Strokes will be releasing a new EP on June 3rd (next Friday) titled, “Future, Present, Past”. Eek! We also received the news that The Strokes have signed to Cult Records (Casablancas’ independent record label). Although, that’s not really a shocker, let’s be honest, it’s Casablancas’ record label plus they had The Strokes’ logo proudly spread all across their website last night. However, this is still too much Strokes news and excitement in the space of 48 hours. The lucky fans that caught the premier of their new song live on air freaked out, none the less, on twitter. After 5 minutes, “Obliviuis” was streamed on Cult Record’s website becoming available to all their fans that, quite frankly, couldn’t wait any longer.
            The only way to describe ‘Oblivius’, is true, vintage, Strokes. This is the song Strokes fans have been waiting for, and boy was it worth the wait. It sounds like a classic Strokes song yet, still remains current and everything we would expect from them today. Although it has a slow, almost floaty start to it, the chorus is a powerful reminder of why we missed this band so much. The gut grabbing chorus drives us through the song before being cut off by a shrieking guitar solo that does everything to you that a good guitar solo should. We are even treated to Casablancas’ trademark, wailing vocals floating softly over the top of the song, that do nothing other than induce the butterflies you felt when you first heard The Strokes back in 2001.
            With a song like this as our only preview of their new EP, it’s a no brainer that it is going to be amazing and is definitely something to look forward too. With them keeping their old sound that we all loved yet still managing to make their new material sound fresh and exciting, they will be loved by both old fans, and new.
Welcome back The Strokes...
Hear their new song here:


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