"Everything You've Come To Expect" Sounds Like a Really Good Arctic Monkey's Album

“Everything You’ve Come to Expect” just sounds like a really, really good Arctic Monkey’s Album
         After 8 whole years without any new material from the only boys in the music industry able to pull off tracksuits, it’s no wonder the excitement surrounding The Last Shadow Puppet’s inevitable new album was so huge. So huge, it was an almost impossible task to fulfil the hopes of their ever growing fan base. However, as the title of this article clearly states my views, ‘Everything You’ve Come to Expect’ just sounds like a really, really, really good Arctic Monkey’s album.
            Don’t get me wrong, I do love it and after the dissatisfaction I felt with Arctic Monkey’s last album, A.M, it’s like this is the album that has made up for that disappointment. However, I do feel that the majority of the tracks sound like they are missing a little bit of Miles Kane’s input. With the songs containing the beauty of both of the boy’s lyrical input, the overall sound of too many of the songs just sound, well, Monkey-ish. 'Dracula Teeth' sounds like it was a track that never made it onto Humbug (2009) and then was shortlisted for A.M (2013) before it was tweaked a little and plonked onto ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect”. 'The Element Of Surprise' could also be confused as a Monkey’s song with it reminding me of a more upbeat 'Cornerstone'. But thank god the next track, 'Bad Habits', starts with a blurted scream from Miles Kane reminding us that he is still there and this is, infact, meant to be a Last Shadow Puppets album rather than a Monkey’s album dressed in a light layer of Last Shadow Puppets clothing.
          The beauty of The Last Shadow Puppets is that Turner and Kane are able to combine their two poetic and musical abilities in a way that other artists will never be able to and create an album that could easily be confused as a work of art. With one half of the duo sounding like they had more of an input, the outcome will just simply not be as good.
            The stand-out tracks on this album are definitely the slower ones such as The 'Dream Synopsis' and 'Sweet Dreams TN'. 'Sweet Dreams TN' is unquestionably what Puppet fans have been waiting for with this quite possibly becoming one of my favourite songs of all time. With a subtle yet more sophisticated hint of 'The Age of The Understatement' being used in this track it really is a butterfly encouraging song. With lyrics such as “
I just sort of always feel sick without you baby, I ain’t got anything to lick without you baby, Nothing seems to stick without you baby, Ain’t I fallen in love” it’s clear that Kane and Turner haven’t lost sight of the old sound and poetic lyrics that were adored so much on their debut album.
            I’m not sure what I expected from this album, I probably had a good idea before they made us wait a good 8 years for this follow up, but I am not sure what I fully expected from the bromance of Alex Turner and Miles Kane this time round. All I do know is that I expected it to be as amazing as their debut and as much as I do think it sounds very similar to a Monkey’s album, there are a few songs that do go beyond any expectations I had. This is a brilliant album that maybe just could have done with a couple tracks containing some of the beautiful harmonies only Kane and Turner can create together.
            Hopefully, the next album contains more of the signature Last Shadow Puppets sound that we all love and is an album with full blown Kane and Turner-esque magic that creates something we will never forget...or hopefully they just don’t make us wait ANOTHER 8 years.


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