The Coolest Band in the Music Industry

Why Deap Vally are the coolest band in the music industry

           On June 26th 2013, I listened to the album ‘Sistrionix’ by American rock duo, Deap Vally. With each song making me feel more and more proud to be a woman, I never thought the band would keep me waiting 3 whole years for a second album. But now, we have had a glimpse of what this album will be sounding like in 2016 and to say I am excited would be the understatement of the century.
                Last night, the band released the grungy, sensual video for their new song, ‘Royal Jelly’ which shows the girl’s doing what they best, creating cool rock vibes and looking hot whilst doing it. But no song could have described Deap Vally’s attitude towards life and the music industry better than ‘Royal Jelly’ does. On ‘Sisitrionix’ we had the empowering song ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’ showing that the girls are passionate about women working hard for what they want and not taking any shit from anyone.
           ‘Royal Jelly’ echoes that message twice as loudly.           With the knowledge that any song Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeah’s) touches turns to gold, it’s no wonder his production on ‘Royal Jelly’ has helped its success. With motivating lyrics such as, “If you wanna be queen bee, then you better make honey” it’s clear that Deap Vally are still working their (bad) asses off to get what they want and in the girl’s words, taken from a recent interview with Noisey, they are determined to “empower (them)selves and others” and “to change the world”.
            You think that’s the girl’s dreaming too big? Well, no doubt these girls are dreaming huge and plan on changing the world because, even though they are currently unsigned to a label and Julie (drummer) is heavily pregnant, nothing is going to get in the way of Deap Vally from getting whatever the hell they want. Only a fool would get in the way of these bad asses and I certainly wouldn’t fancy it.
            The lyrics, “Aint no lights at the end of the tunnel, Aint no gold at the end of the rainbow” show that this ride hasn’t been easy for the girls. As Julie described to me, sometimes they are “made to feel uncomfortable on music video sets or photo shoots.”. She continued to tell me, “that is where discomfort usually takes place.  Some douchebag who thinks he's going to date or fuck us because he's working with us”. So, the lyric, “ain’t no gold at the end of the rainbow”, could be describing how things and offers don’t come easily as you may have hoped or where you’d expected, you may have to search a little longer.
And we all know if there is any band that are willing to go the extra mile to get it,
Deap Vally are the perfect girls for the job.

                But as if the song alone wasn’t enough, the video for ‘Royal Jelly’ just makes it the
best it can be. The girls got in some special supermodel help when their good-friend, Georgia May Jagger agreed to be in the video. With some up-close shots of her endearing, gapped, front teeth and her singing the words as if she was their missing member, you can really tell that these girls jell well together. After meeting earlier this year at a festival, the girls became great friends and Jagger seemed the perfect person for this video. At the risk of hazarding a wild guess, I’m assuming the girls all know how it feels to be made to feel shit within their own industries therefore, helping them form a special bond. Deap Vally due to being two girls trying to make it through constant put downs and sexism in the music industry, and Jagger due to the hate she receives for her unusual, qwirky (gorgeous) gapped teeth. But together they have created a video which is them flaunting what could have been a put back, and showing the world that that is what is going to help them dominate their industry.
                I don’t think I’m the only person in the world who believes we need more females in the music industry proving their work ethic and showing us that they are good at what they do. Deap Vally are the two most bad ass women of the century and anything they do proves that. They have made their success by working extremely hard, not putting others down and by just being them. To top it all off, Deap Vally are quite possibly the most down to earth band ever! Fame has not gone to the girls’ heads and they are more than happy with interacting with fans through social media.
What more could we want from them?
More women in the world need to listen to the advice given by these Goddesses which is, “be a step beyond just believing in yourself”. And as long as
Deap Vally continue to make women feel empowered and believe in themselves, I will continue to promote them as the ‘Coolest Band in the Music Industry’.


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