The Tuts +Kill The Colossi +The Reaktors 11/5/17

The Tuts +Kill The Colossi +The Reaktors
Joiners 11/5/17
When punk began, it was a movement not digested well by the majority of the public and was considered violent, noisy and a threat to everyone. Sid Vicious once stated, “You just pick up a chord, go twang, and you've got music” but as far as The Tuts show at the Joiners went, Vicious would still have squirmed at the very notion, even with his simplistic views on music making. With all the hype currently surrounding The Tuts, the interest to see the outcome of their headline show at The Joiners was quite big. However, the night was one I could have done without.
Kill The Colossi were the first band on stage and are a four-piece from Bournemouth. With them trying to channel The Ramones, it was painful at how little anyone responded to any of their efforts to encourage crowd participation. With guitarist and vocalist, Adam Storey taking full control of getting the crowd pumped and yelling his harmonies in a way that echoed their political views, it was a shame the audience didn’t react better. However, the mix of vintage and current punk sounds made them your average, modern, punk band. Despite not bringing anything new to the stage, they were the least painful band of the night.
The Reaktors were next on stage and were a seven-piece punk band from Southampton. The failed attempts at creating a raw punk sound was evident and despite their best efforts, Dad-band sprung more to mind. With Brian Rowlings on vocals wearing a statement Buzzcocks t-shirt, I was hoping for more of a Pete Shelley channelling to come through; however, the tired performance from the whole band made it easy to switch off halfway through their set. The drumming kept the punk pace relevant and consistent, saving the performance at times. However, with their guitarist channelling more of an Avril Lavigne after she went shit as opposed to Taylor Momsen, the performance fell again. With average day jobs behind them such as postmen, plumbers etc. the most punk aspect of them was the fact they come from a working class and are trying to project their political views in the form of music and punk. However, my advice would be to find an alternative route.
The Tuts were headlining tonight and this was one of the shows in their ‘People Power Knock Down Tory Towers’ tour. They kicked off their set with some past paced tunes such as 'Let Go Of The Past' but, despite the fun energy they projected, it was shadowed by their rude personalities and whiney vocals. They entered the stage with hand-made “Save Our NHS” posters and immediately show-cased what this show was to be all about. However, despite agreeing with everything they said and preached, it was impossible to like them. After seeing The Tuts a few times previously, I’m confident in saying after you have seen them once, you’ve seen every other show they’ve ever done. Each song was filled with the same ad-libs and forced choreography.
One aspect of The Tuts I admire is their hard-working attitude and DIY face. However, with the way they speak to fans and anyone who isn’t going to get them further in the industry, it is a possibility they are already getting too big for their boots. With The Tuts being completely fan-funded, I hope they don’t lose sight of those actually backing this project.
It also stood out that vocalist Nadia, refused to tune her own guitar due to her saying she “can’t be fucked” and got someone else to do it for her. With pretentious and demanding being the main personality aspects this three-piece projected, again I am hoping The Tuts don’t lose grips with those who are funding them.
The Tuts explained that after this tour they will be taking some time off to write some more tunes and go back to their roots. With that being the best idea they could have possibly had, I hope they come back with a better aura and some killer songs, as this London three-piece could be ground-breaking.
Photography: Jamie-Lee Facer


  1. I found your review of The Tuts' gig after a bit of googling. Thought you'd like to know they mentioned it last night at their gig in Leeds (not your name or anything, but it was definitely your review they were talking about as the guitar tuning thing came up), and said they were so disappointed when "women don't support other women." Obviously I don't want to overstep my bounds as a white male but I did feel like there was no need to infer you were anti-women because you didn't like their gig. I was also a bit shocked when I found the review was just someone's personal blog and not some big review site, I'd have thought attacking an established site for that would be lame, let alone a single blogger. But yeah, I agree, they seemed rude on stage and off stage when I met them, I agree with your review entirely, just thought you'd like to know what they thought of it too.


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